Barriers to reconciliation

Barriers to reconciliation - entire group-Scapegoating o...

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Barriers to reconciliation - Isolation - Injustice - Exhaustion - Betrayal - Denial - Assimilation - Tokenism - Inferiority - Rage - Fear Patterns that characterize us vs. them - absolutism o when a person sees only 2 sides of an issue and then polarizes the sides o makes one side appear as the “good” o other side is the “evil” - stereotyping o The oversimplification of categorization and sorting of people and things into groups o Based on characteristic of a few examples not necessarily applicable to the
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Unformatted text preview: entire group-Scapegoating o Unfairly place the blame for a problem onto another person or group-Dehumanization o Stripping someone of any connection they could possibly have to us o Characteristic of actions of extreme violence o Allows one to act without believing they are actually doing harm to one of us...
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