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3 Stages of therapy

3 Stages of therapy - • Understanding clients at both a...

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- Stages of therapy o Exploration Based largely on Karl Rogers Genuine Empathy Respect Establish report Connect with the client o Insight More by Freud and psychoanalysis Childhood affects adulthood Constructing new meanings Challenge client to think about things in a new way o Action Emphasized by cognitive behavioral perspective Skinner, bandura, ellis, Beck Work with thoughts and thinking How can we help you change your thinking? Lets take ACTION! Empathic collaboration
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Unformatted text preview: • Understanding clients at both a cognitive level and an affective level o You want your client to know that you are with them o The way that you treat and greet your client should show the upmost respect for this person, even when it is difficult to respect this person o Cultural values What are your values? What is our worldview? Faith values? Do you have a faith? Biases in terms of race and ethnicity...
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