4 A model for helping

4 A model for helping - Transference o Involves how the...

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A model for helping - FIGURE 3.1 PG 41 - 6 stages of readiness for change o Pre contemplation People who haven’t considered change Mostly people who are mandated for therapy Client doesn’t necessarily want to be there in this case o Contemplation The client is aware of and accepts responsibility for their problems Don’t know how o Preparation Knows they have an issue and wants to live differently Makes an appointment o Action stage Is motivated to actively try to change o Maintenance Clients have changed and are trying to maintain it o Termination Client has changed and is coping differently now - Context variables o Therapeutic relationship Very important predictor for whether or not the client will be helped Gelso and carter The real relationship o Genuine non-distorted connection between helper and client Therapeutic alliance o Working relationship o Do we mesh well?
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Unformatted text preview: Transference o Involves how the client views the helper o Transferring a behavior in the rest of the world and their other relationships toward a helper Want to be clear about who you are in order to help Constantly assess whether or not the therapy is helpful for the client-Stages of helping o Interactional sequence Handout o Helpers use the skills that are going to help with your theoretical view o Client rections Handout Clients often hide things from helpers out of Fear And other stuff o What is my desired outcome? o What is therapy for? Client will cope better Have better relationships Be able to do something outside themselves (I am well enough to give to my community and be there for others) For me to show that I am a channel of Gods love Prof. zwart talking...
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4 A model for helping - Transference o Involves how the...

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