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Insight STAGE - -The helper uses interpretations-helper...

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Insight STAGE - Looking at the WHY? - Look for the origins of the negative behavior or emotion - Helping clients to come to a new understanding of who they are - Based in the psychoanalytic theory of psychology o Linked with freud o However there are now many different psychodynamic theories o Id, Ego, SUPEREGO Defenses arise when the Ego is afraid of a conflict between ID and SUPEREGO o There is part of us that is aware of reasons why we do things o There is also a part that is unconscious that has reasons why we do things - The belief is that insight alone will lead to change (freud)
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Unformatted text preview: -The helper uses interpretations-helper assists the client in finding their frequently used defense mechanisms o help the client find a healthy defense over any unhealthy one-at some point undoubtedly client’s defenses will show up in the helping relationship-form ideas as soon as you see someone-look for examples of it with the person-coach them to be able to see it themselves-the helping relationship is a microchasm of their behavior in outside life-...
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