Vaccination - Bi Sci 001 Friday April 16,1999...

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Friday April 16,1999 Announcements: Lecture notes: Vaccination The literal translation of vaccination is "encowment". Vaccination is Active Acquired Immunity. An antigen is introduced into the body. (injected, inhaled or swallowed) These antigens provoke production of memory lymphocytes. Vaccines are preparations made from killed or weakened (attenuated) bacteria or virus. (influenza vaccine, polio vaccine) Toxoids are preparations made from weakened toxins produced by bacteria. (tetanus, diphtheria) Some vaccination require a "booster" dose(s) to life the number of antibodies to the level needed to prevent the disease altogether. New vaccines use genetic engineering techniques. (Hepatitis B) Immunizations all Adults should have Tetanus/diphtheria toxiod - every 10 years. Measles Rubella (German measles) especially females. Mumps - especially males Special Populations: Influenza for those over 65 or with chronic diseases. Rabies for veterinarians and animal handlers.
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Vaccination - Bi Sci 001 Friday April 16,1999...

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