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10 Reflection of feeling

10 Reflection of feeling - -Clients who can ID their...

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Reflection of feeling - it is a paraphrase or summary - however it focuses on the statements and feelings of the client - a feeling when you can identify it helps you to really understand someone’s inner experience - you can be a validater for the client, validate their feelings so they do not feel crazy or ashamed - if someone has a genuine feeling there is nothing shameful - must differentiate between having a feeling and acting a feeling o must be wary of this o we can validate anger but cannot allow them to act out on it - helps the client refine and pinpoint their own feelings o what kind of angry are you? - Often feelings are denied and distorted - Often feelings are ignored or repressed o Helps clients to ID their true feelings without distortions o What really is going on? What is genuine?
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Unformatted text preview: -Clients who can ID their emotion can then decide how to behave based on that emotion-It is very possible for people to use ineffective coping mechanisms -When the client is distraught the helper can be in a great position to teach the client emotional regulation o Extremely important for children to learn this skill-It is difficult dealing with clients intense feelings, especially for a beginning helper o If that is the case then you need to decide how you display that anxiety o Deal with your own anxiety somewhere else and focus back on the client-After a person experiences one feeling fully, other feelings can be accepted-Unaccepted feelings can leak out in often destructive ways...
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