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5 Introduction to ethics

5 Introduction to ethics - o Exceptions Client plans on...

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Introduction to ethics: - Autonomy o Client has a right to make choices and take action - Beneficence o Intent to do good by promoting growth o Continued education Learn about things in order to make recommendations Medicines therapies etc - Nonmaleficence o Above all do no harm o Hippocratic oath for psychologists o Do not use interventions that may be harmful to clients - Justice o Fairness o Looking out for the oppressed - Fidelity o Keeping promises o Being trustworthy o Be professional during sessions o Keep boundaries o Do not abuse clients Emotionally Sexually Financially - Veracity o Telling the truth even when difficult o Don’t continue working with a client that is ready to terminate o Admit if you are not qualified Ethical standards - Confidentiality o What is said in the office stays in the office
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Unformatted text preview: o Exceptions Client plans on harming themselves Intent to harm others Child abuse-Recognizing limits o Practicing within your abilities o Refer cases that are too difficult o Consult a supervisor-Educating clients about the helping process o Distinguishing helping from a friendship o Who am i? o Billing-Focusing on the needs of the client o If on vacation give number of someone who can help them o Be upfront with someone if you do not believe that you can treat them for whatever reason-Avoiding harmful dual relationships-Be aware of your own values-Understand the role of a culture in your client’s life o Pg72 -Act in a virtuous manner-Take care of your self to ensure care for others o SUPERVISION-...
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5 Introduction to ethics - o Exceptions Client plans on...

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