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Cohen & Felson - o Apply to a town and find out how it...

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Cohen & Felson - rountine activities o what does it take for street crime to take place attractive target can be people or property Motivated offender Crime does go up if the economy is suffering in the untied states Absence of guardianship Security cameras that do not work Police patrols become more rare - Gave their theory to a guy named Sherman o Lets see how it applies in a certain context
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Unformatted text preview: o Apply to a town and find out how it works o Minneapolis 109,00 street addresses 6,000 intersections o No calls generated in the course of an entire year for 40% of the places o 1 call came from 30% o 50.4% of calls came from 3.3% of places-most cases its not actually cultural bonds-...
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