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Elements of self - use to process information •...

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- Elements of self o Self-concept Defined – represents the totality of your thoughts and your beliefs about yourself Importance of self-concept Cognitive schemas o Structures, frameworks of thinking used to process information o Allows us to focus on certain types of information o Tells us when to look at certain kinds of information, where to look for certain kinds of info, and how to look at different kinds of info o Ex. If you believe blondes are air headed, you will be looking for it to happen, even though that situation would be otherwise ambiguous Self- concept functions as a “grand-daddy” cognitive schema Our self concept includes numerous self schemas that we
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Unformatted text preview: use to process information • Consequences o Perception o Memory Swan and reed experiment • Those who had a more positive self concept had a higher recall of positive information • People who had a negative self concept had a higher recall of negative information • Has direct effects on behavior • See handout o Self-esteem Defined- reference to appraisal and value of self Measurement of self –esteem • Feelings of inadequacy scale o Global self- esteem o Domain specific self-esteems Academic- 33 Athletic- 24 Physical appearance-20 Social acceptance-50 Global self esteem...
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