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Unformatted text preview:Student Name: Hallie Newman A Day No Pigs Would Die Study Guide Tracking Themes What message is Robert Newton Peck trying to communicate in A Day No Pigs Would Die? The main themes in A Day No Pigs Would Die involve growing up, death, and principles. See if you can identify and analyze those themes in the drama. Step 1: What parts of the plot seem related to a possible theme in the novel? (Think about the main conflict and how it get resolved or worked out.) The "weaseling" of the dog and the killing of Pinky are related to the themes. In both cases, the animals serve a purpose and when they can not serve their stated purpose, they must be killed. The deaths are different because the killing of the dog was a mercy killing while the pig died because pets without purpose are a luxury. But, both things teach Rob that while death is sad, it is also a natural part of life. Step 2: Which characters seem related to a possible theme? Which characters change, and what do those changes suggest about growing up, death, and principles? Haven is involved closely in both the deaths of the animals above and sets himself about the task of killing the animals (or directing their deaths) with a calmness that he teaches to Rob. He approaches these actions in such a way that Rob doesn't fear Haven's death when the time comes. Step 3: How does the author use symbols to hint at the novel's themes? What objects, people, or places stand for something "bigger" in the story? The author uses symbols throughout the book. In the beginning, Haven and Rob use Solomon to help move something heavy, which shows how all the animals have a purpose and goes that Rob learns from Haven's steady wisdom. This comes up time and time again such as when Rob causally thinks about how his father checks for rabies on rabies and makes sure his father will be proud of his behaviour at the fair. Step 4: What does the novel's title suggest about the novel's theme? Pig die every day but Sunday. That is Haven's job and he is excellent at his work. The novel title suggests that something momentous must happen for there to be a day no pigs die and also speaks to the circle of like. Haven's death is a small reprieve for the pigs. The singular use of the work "Day" int the title also tells me that Rob will likely pick up right where Haven left off. Step 5: Write one or two of the novel's main themes in your own words. The main these of this book was the cycle of life. Birth and death are natural and you can't have one without the other. This is true right from the start when the cow almost dies giving birth until Rob intercedes. The other theme I saw in the book was one of being useful. As long as an animal is useful, it can live, but there is no place in Haven's world for anything frivolous. This is obvious not just in the killing of Pinky (turning her into pork makes her useful again as food) but also in Haven's warning to Rob at the fair that his first responsibility is to be useful to Ben Tanner and not think of just himself.