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Unformatted text preview:Student Name: Hallie Newman A Day No Pigs Would Die Study Guide The Setting In A Day No Pigs Would Die, Robert Newton Peck sets his semi-autobiographical novel on a farm in Vermont in the 1930s or '40s. Use the spaces below to describe the setting of the novel. In the first column, type or write direct quotes from the book-phrases and sentences that are used to show what it's like throughout the story. In the second column, explain in your own words what the author is trying to convey about the setting. An example has been completed for you. Direct Quote Related to Setting Your Explanation This establishes the rural setting of the novel. "I should have been in school that April day. . . And he was fixing up to take her to Rutland Fair, come summer." (Ch. 1) "The yoke was solid hickory and it weighed This shows that Rob lives on a working farm where near as much as me. I had to lug it round back every animal has a specific job to do. in two trips, going back the second time for the oxbow and cotter." (Ch. 4) "One nice thing about April, there were little This establishes the Vermont weather. I would think rivers about everywhere. Where the spruce from this that winters are hard and cold, but that the cover was thick, you could see see a patch of spring thew means that the ground becomes soft for snow here or there, and the ground was still planting. hard as winter." (Ch. 5) "We learned in school that the city of London, Rob is a rural kid without access to seeing the rest of England, is the largest city in the whole wide the world. Rutland is the largest city nearby and so to world....But it couldn't have been much bigger him, all of the people make it look very big and busy. than Rutland." (Ch. 10) "Inside it she was lying all curled up warm in Pinky lived a comfortable and well loved life. This is in the clean straw. It was a soft warm smell." (Ch. contrast to the smell of blood and hard work described 14) as Haven's smell in the beginning of the book.