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Correlational Strategies

Correlational Strategies - Correlational Strategies...

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Correlational Strategies - Relationship between two variables - To predict one variable from another - Two aspects of correlation o Magnitude o Direction - Coreelation coefficient (pearson’s r) o Only with interval or ratio scales o Values closer to either extreme indacte stronger relationships o Vales closer to 0 indicate no relationship - Magnitude tells you the spread b/t the two furthest points - The sign tells you the direction of the relationship o +both variables increase or decrease together o – when one variable increases the other decreases - coefficient of determination o calculated by squaring r o proportion of the variance of one variable that can be accounted for by variation in the other variable o the degree to which one variable’s variation is caused by the other o rule of thumb 0-.10 no relationship .1-.25 poor relationship .25-.65 mild relationship .65-1.0 strong relationship - interpreting correlations o how can such low correlations be significant
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