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Unformatted text preview: Office hours (MG 3124) "Extra" symbols used in class Tu/Th 0930-1130 Symbol Meaning MTuThF 1530-1630 Phone: /c with 785—4627 (office) ~ on the order of; approx. 665—1647 (1900-2200 hrs) ¢i> corresponds to 3 there exists/is 3 such/so that I am NOT available 15 min = has the units of before any scheduled class. V for all My schedule is posted next => this implies to my office door. Academic honesty is assumed. Dishonesty '(i.e., copying, plagiarism) is not tolerated. The minimum result will be a zero on the assignment. Please read the University's policy either from the pamphlet that was included in your Truman week folder, or on-line at the Truman home page, then search for Academic Integrity. You may also need to read the other student codes presented. Before being allowed in the laboratory all students must 1) Read the safety handout on the Blackboard site and the ChemLab safety web page (http://chemlab.truman.edu/Safety_Files/LabSafety.htm), 2) Pass (100% correct) the laboratory safety quiz (a multiple choice quiz will be part of the Blackboard site, which may be accessed via the Truman home page (Via the “Academ- ics” pull down), Truview, or ChemLab.), 3) Read the Stockroom Policies on the ChernLab safety page and complete the health form, the policy contract and the safety contract (all forms are on the Blackboard site and must be submitted electronically using on-campus computers). ...
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