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Unformatted text preview: that you still have. Short, repeated exposures to material will eliminate some anxiety, cramming, and memorization just before tests! Your lab handout will usually be available on the U:/ drive sometime on Friday, for the following week. Download and print it out as soon as it’s available, and read it at least once before you come to lab. Read any corresponding textbook material. Some students like to begin answering some of the questions posed in the lab handout even before they come to lab, so that they can spend most of their lab time working with the materials on display. Take advantage of fellow bio-leamers by studying in pairs or groups. Break your unfamiliar terms into components and learn those components that are common to many biological terms. Expect to provide more specific, thorough, insightful answers than you may have been used to in high school. Read comments on papers I return, and incorporate suggestions into your next assignment. Do assignments on time for a more timely return of your work. Also, you will benefit sooner from your instructor’s suggestions. Be patient with yourself (and others!) in lab. Take care of your physical and emotional health. Common-sense practices, like getting plenty of sleep, eating well, exercising, and relaxing (you’re entitled to a little, even in college!), are often neglected by college students. If you are over—extended by commitments to organizations, family, friends, work, etc., it’s difficult to keep up the pace of academic work. If you need help in establishing priorities, dealing with personal problems, concentrating on studies, or dealing with stress, you may consider contacting the University Counseling Center. If you would like help with the material in the course, please ask me or a TA right away. Take advantage of my office hours. If you can’t make it at those times, make an appointment with me for another time, or feel free to drop by if my door is open! B-mails work well for very simple questions with very simple answers. I will usually reply within 24-48 hours to e—mails. ...
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