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Sheet1 Page 1 /*FINAL PROJECT*/ /*README FILE*/ How to use the program: 1. Initiate program. 2. Program is set to respond to key words (in the database) with 25 different phrases. 3. Keyword "lingo", initiates the lingo program, otherwise the program terminates. 4. Once lingo is initiated, a word is randomly selected from the data bank 5. Program will prompt user with rules, hint, and two random letters from the word. 6. User is allwoed three chances to enter correct word. 7. Scoring is awarded based on the number of successful attempts. 8. Program terminates after third chance. /*DATABASE*/ Key words: hi hey hello good fine alright bad sunny hot cold windy inside favorite game lingo Responces: Hi! Hey! Hows it going?, Howdy! How was your day?, Ciao!,"What's up Doc?", I'm good too. What is the weather like?, I'm alright. What is it like outside?, Aw that sucks, let's talk about something else. Hows the weather there?,
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Unformatted text preview: Are you using sunblock?, You should get some purple drink., I hope it's not to hot!, You should turn the heat up., Do you have a windbreaker jacket?, I love blue rain boots, do you have a pair?, It's a perfect day for puzzles!, I really like video games!, I have been playing sudoku since I was 12., Sheet1 Page 2 My favorite board game is Monopoly., Oh really? I should play that one., Now that you mention it, I am in the mood for a guessing game!, Hey, got any ideas for a game?, What game do you want to play?, I guess we can always pay later., It was nice meeting you!, Cya later aligator! Lingo Dictionary: adult ached acids acing abuse acorn acres acted adore adopt admit aloud alpha alone altar aloha atlas armor...
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README-FINALPROJ - Are you using sunblock?, You should get...

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