Reading #1 - Jince Jacob Reading Assignment #1 Sociology...

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Jince Jacob Sociology Reading Assignment #1 Sociology studies the everyday world in all the aspects of the social world. Seinfeld is a show that is as strong in support now as it was when it first started out, and unlike George who would say the show is on nothing, it is actually on everything, and remains a social phenomenon. Today’s reading helps to bring us into the connection between sociology and Seinfeld by proving their connections, and showing different social behaviors that are reinforced by the show. The reading starts off by addressing what sociology and seinology are and their connection to each other. Seinology is merely the study of Seinfeld and is connected to sociology off the bat with examples of everyday human behavior through the show. Not even past the first page in chapter one the book makes a reference to an episode of Seinfeld where George kisses Susan at the workplace, which results in her being fired and is later addressed that it was common sense that the action was improper etiquette. The chapter also talks about different ways
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Reading #1 - Jince Jacob Reading Assignment #1 Sociology...

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