What is Sociology - Jince Jacob "What is Sociology?"...

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Jince Jacob Sociology “What is Sociology?” Sociology is a term for the scientific study of society, including patterns in social interaction, relationships and culture. This is one of the first things taught in the class and I think this description is very important since most people only know the first half of the description and when you include the patterns in everything else you see what sociology is really worth. The studies behind social interaction helps define sociology from psychology, which focuses on only an individual, and from philosophy, which focuses on ethics and what exists, and does not. This second part in the definition shows us that sociology tries to see connections on how people are affected by society and vice versa. Since sociology is a science it is guided forward by guides, called theories, that are based off data collected through research and experiments. Theories unlike facts seem to be true based off data relating to it, however facts are established truths whereas a theory is
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What is Sociology - Jince Jacob "What is Sociology?"...

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