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Review sheet II, plus essay questions PE II/GEO II Exam II Spring 2008 3/24/08 concepts to be covered on exam, which will most likely be on March 31 st or April 3 rd , 2008 Unit I: winds and climate Energy balance and its role in distributing energy General global circulation – Hadley cells, high P and low P zones Coriolis Effect Combination of GGC and coriolis – global wind patterns Precipitation Deserts and causes Seasonal Migration of the ITCZ Unit II: Winds and Glaciers Erosional and depositional aspects of wind Glaciers Types: alpine vs. continental Glacial growth, melting, dynamics Continental glaciation Intervals between Indicators of (delta 18O in forams, WINK tills and interglacial soils (e.g., Sangamon) Causes of glacial cycles – the Milankovitch cycle theory Axial precession Orbital eccentricity Obliquity (axial tilt) What are periods of each, and what do they do to maximize temperature contrast between summer and winter Glacial Landforms Erosional – which? Depositional – which? How is each one formed? How do they indicate ice flow direction?
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Unit III: hydrogeology (chapters 6 and 11) Note: you are not responsible for material in the notes on limnology (lakes) – we didn't cover this in class Chapter 6 The hydrologic cycle; what are the different reservoirs, residence times in each, and how do you calculate residence times? Sediment: different types of sediment transport; sediment sorting; relation of
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PEIIGEOII_08SGIV - Review sheet II, plus essay questions...

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