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SOCIOLOGY Semester: Spring 2008 Course Number: STSS 1210 Section Number: 01 Room: Sage 2707 Course Name: Sociology Professor: Sal Restivo (Sage 5304) Email: Phone: 8504 NOTE: This course carries social science credit only. TA: Eleanor Dunn Office hours: by appointment Required Texts Science, Technology, and Society: A Sociological Approach. Wenda Bauchspies, Invitation to the Sociology of Religion. Phil Zuckerman (Routledge, New York: 2003). An Introduction to Classical and Contemporary Social Theory: A Critical Perspective, 3 rd edition. Berch Berberoglu (Rowan and Littlefield, Publishers, New York: 2005). Seinology: The Sociology of Seinfeld. Tim Delany (Prometheus Books, Amherst NY: 2006 [or: Sociology through Seinfeld] On electronic reserve: Restivo, “The Social Construction of Religion” Collins, “The Sociology of God” How to access these articles: From RPInfo, click on “Research Libraries” under Academics and Research; in RensSearch, click on “Class Reserves” under Library Services; on the Class Reserves page, fill in my last name in the appropriate box; on the new page, click the listed course STSS 496101. Look for the Restivo or Collins article. SETTING THE STAGE some initial provocations What’s the Matter with Kansas ? Thomas Frank: The pro-life Kansas factory worker…will repeatedly vote for the party that is less
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likely to protect his safety, less likely to protect his job, and less likely to benefit him economically. An interviewer is trying to get the writer Ernest Hemingway to identify what it takes to be a great writer. “As the interviewer offered a list of various possibilities, Hemingway disparaged each in sequence. Finally, frustrated, the interviewer asked,’Isn’t there any one essential ingredient that you can identify?’ Hemingway replied, ‘Yes, there is. In order to be a great writer a person must have a built-in, shockproof crap detector.’ It seems to us that, in his response, Hemingway identified an essential survival strategy and essential function of the schools in today’s world. One way of looking at the history of the human group is that it has been a continuing struggle against the veneration of ‘crap.’” Neil Postman & Charles Weingartner, Teaching as a Subversive Activity (Dell, NY: 1969). “…without the capacity to think critically about our selves and our lives, none of us would be able to move forward, to change, to grow. In our society, which is so fundamentally anti-intellectual, critical thinking is not encouraged.” bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom (Routledge, NY: 1994). 1964 Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction
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Soc.Sp08doc - SOCIOLOGY Semester: Spring 2008 Course...

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