Reading #10 - Jince Jacob Sociology Paper #10 4-11-2008...

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Jince Jacob 4-11-2008 Sociology Paper #10 This week we continued on watching the film that gave some insight on other interpretations of how to take stories of the bible. The movie started off with the Christmas story and how it could actually just be a common astrological arrangement. The movie also went back to discuss the story of Moses and the people of Israel in Egypt. I first want to talk about what the movie addressed on the subject of the Christmas story, but before that we saw another video that showed many other pagan gods and all had similar characteristics in their birthdays like Jesus. We saw that many early gods were born to virgins on December 25 th and had other similar miracles, such as making water into wine or resurrecting from death. In the next video the host explained that the birth of Jesus can be explained by astrology. We saw how certain constellations were called three kings, and how the brightest star could have been the star in the east. Dr. Sal also explained that back in those days, a certain
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Reading #10 - Jince Jacob Sociology Paper #10 4-11-2008...

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