PD 1 Team Building Model - STA's Cascade Refrigeration Team...

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STA’s Cascade Refrigeration Team Building Model Jince Jacob Jake Tracy Nini Chavez Chris Coates Thesis Statement: Our model is developed for the use of student chemical engineers in order to form a group and complete a common project. This model focuses on the use of previous interactions with fellow students so that the team may be closer on a personal level from the start, creating a more enjoyable team experience. Model Break Down: Major Steps: 1. Socialization: This step focuses on developing ties with students before the goal is announced, creating personal ties with one another. This step also helps people acknowledge who is better to work with and create relationships that may be beneficial in the future. A. Compressor: Confirm relationships with other students, and develop closer ties with those who connect better than other students. 2. Create and Assess: This step is about creating a team, where all members have been introduced and know a little bit about each other. This is a short process, due to the step before, where social ties were formed already. This step also brings together the group and clearly defines what the goal is. By combining everyone’s individual thoughts, the group can move forward together.
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B. Compressor: Review the goal individually, taking notes of what to do, so that you can share with the group. Looking over the goal, brainstorm ways of sharing the workload in correspondence with everyone’s strengths. I.
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PD 1 Team Building Model - STA's Cascade Refrigeration Team...

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