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Genetics Definitions

Genetics Definitions - Bi Sci 001 Friday Announcements...

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Bi Sci 001 Friday March 26, 1999 Announcements: Lecture notes: Genetics Definitions Genes : units of instructions for producing or influencing a specific trait. Locus : each gene has its own "location" on a chromosome. Alleles : gene pairs (one on each homologous chromosome) Genotype : the information on the gene(s) Phenotype : how these genes are expressed in the individual. Homozygous : both alleles of a gene locus are the same. Heterozygous : the alleles of a gene locus differ. Dominant allele : this allele will mask the effect of a recessive allele if it is present. Standard - A = dominant allele a = recessive allele Autosomal gene : a gene on one of the 22 pairs of chromosomes that do not determine gender. Sex-linked or X-linked gene : the gene is on the X chromosome. F 1 generation : F = filial meaning offspring. F 1 is the 1 st generation. F 2 generation : 2 nd generation. Examples of genetic traits/diseases Autosomal dominant Piebald - white streak of hair.
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Achondroplasia - type of dwarfism.
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