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img018 - C L T ST E REVEZN*wko Maw orL Cherno‘ofl 7 i...

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Unformatted text preview: C L T: ST E! REVEZN/ *wko} Maw orL Cherno‘ofl 7. i ‘ C‘nefinolofl u‘Km-ma, ”' Aprk lb, H86 -wor35\— “Vac“ power- p\om\- Awosxrcr m \msgrsn, ' “'an were. mcnwxwg \‘a see, & “-4.. 030““ 515W mu\3 $vno¥wm amber \oa 90W) \ 0‘; W; 14 rcachd awfiéév 3wwa§ 3-55)? 3 ‘co‘NLV (032,5 M are» wxém‘sd * Lockoon 0‘;1 Sea»: am; Mavwth mficgl. Moxmxavx “M5”: Um; Caucasus eoéxrtwn / $615: CASPWM 56A, EBA-Ag Sax, Sofins $6“, AVA-w 04mm, Bafifi 5%] Sea a; O\A\no\"§\hl $60- a}; face-w 1? WM“)? 5 Aw s\¢3m$~ccmce. <5 fie) Sawmi- — ooA-ms: sicfiyas"; CaA-Mm\, Kfewa'k, GUM Aeggr-‘moA— A»; - Lang’s; “A Moacow ‘ 323 Squaw \5 WA 9331\wa‘z WA“ 93;- ’fiomm H— \noujm \\N. KMJW.’ 9M3 \5 \-\~. W“ \W inf We Emu» 59an+ \H\s\’or~1 am; 90“ rag- We Voms‘s hoarmn ‘3m\rba37.‘ wowebére; M \qoq Bejms \w Mama Ms M \J\a:§wos\*o\< ' by“; NAB ’2, 3,me “Away kegs/1 Late, Beak-a} (BauhaLAMu-r waLM) ...
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