OBnotes3 - •Cooperation openness& trust in our...

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Concepts : -system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes organization from others •Elements -Values : what’s important -Beliefs : how things work -Norms : how members should behave •Dominant culture vs. subcultures •Strength of culture •Innovation and risk taking •Attention to detail •Outcome orientation •People orientation •Team orientation •Aggressiveness •Stability PepsiCo Inc.: -Careers ride on a tenth of a point of market share -creative tension among departments -if results aren’t there, you’d better have your resume up to date -would rather be in the marines than the army -must win merely to stay in place -> must devastate the competition to get ahead -consistent runner-ups lose their jobs -the more competitive it becomes, the more we enjoy it MOR Department:
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Unformatted text preview: •Cooperation, openness & trust in our relationships •Accountable to the highest standards or reseach, teaching & practice •Care about people & their continued development •Ethical behavior •Hard work & having fun together while maintaining a reasonable balance between our work and home lives •Meaningful contributions to professional, practitioner, and university communities Role in Organization Effectiveness: •Efficient communication, coordination & control •Substitute for formalization •Commitment to organization •Success when fits strategy and competitive environment •Liability when it does not-barrier to change-barrier to diversity-barrier to acquisitions & mergers Learn about Organization Culture: •Stories •Material symbols •Rituals •Language...
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OBnotes3 - •Cooperation openness& trust in our...

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