Lab 2 - Brian Kronstedt and Cam Melton BE 310 Lab 2...

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Brian Kronstedt and Cam Melton BE 310 Lab 2 Measurement of Reaction Time
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Introduction The purpose of this lab was to determine how quickly one can react to stimulation of the senses sight and hearing. We seek to investigate how sight and audio reaction times relate to one another, and also how repetitious periodic stimulus can be reacted to faster than random stimulations. Finding out how different pitches of sound are reacted to will also be investigated. By the end of this lab, we will be able to conclude what the average reaction time for sight and sound are with variation, and what implications these conclusions may have anatomically. Methods The most time consuming and important method to this lab was setting up all the tools to gather the data. These steps were outlined very well in the lab handout, and need not to be specified once again. One thing that should be noted is that in order for this experiment to work effectively, one single person should be a control and do all the experiments. Reaction times may vary on a person by person basis. In order to make conclusions from stimulation data, we had to make up a few experiments. The first thing we did was to gather data for reaction times of random intermittent stimulus for both sight and sound. Next, we took the sound experiment a bit further to do two more experiments. With noise impulses we made persistent periodic sounds at 2000 Hz and
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course BE 310 taught by Professor Ahmed during the Spring '08 term at Rose-Hulman.

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Lab 2 - Brian Kronstedt and Cam Melton BE 310 Lab 2...

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