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Infiltration Trenches Infiltration systems capture the runoff and infiltrate it into the ground. Typically this involves a trench filled with a mixture of sand and clay that will maintain a slow and steady passage of water. If the mixture is too permeable the system is inadequately filtering the runoff; too slow and the runoff will back up causing erosion and other problems. This usually requires pretreatment and frequent maintenance [2]. Pretreatment for an infiltration system includes creating a grass buffer or other vegetative strip that will filter out sediment and contaminants before reaching the infiltration trench. Although this system is very effective at collecting runoff and removing pollutants, it is not a system that is designed for cold climates. To ensure full functionality of an infiltration system, annual maintenance costs for an infiltration system are around 20% of the installation cost [6]. This type of stormwater runoff collection system is would not be practical for implementation at Rose-Hulman because of the high cost of installation, pretreatment and maintenance this system requires. Bioretention Systems Bioretention systems are usually landscaped depressions which capture runoff and filter it using vegetation and soil [2]. The soil contained within the depression is normally sand and under the sand there is oftentimes a drain [2]. This type of system is often used
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course RH 330 taught by Professor Livingston during the Spring '08 term at Rose-Hulman.

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TechAnalysis - Infiltration Trenches Infiltration systems...

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