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Unformatted text preview: To: Dr. Jessica Livingston From: Cameron N. Melton Date: 5/12/2009 Re: Job Ad Analysis – Philips Medical, Engineering Technician Internship Philips has been a company focused on innovation since its creation over one hundred years ago. Philips Medical, a division of Philips, is one of the leaders in the biomedical device industry. Philips’ mission, from its website, is to “improve the quality people’s lives through timely introduction of meaningful innovations.” The position in question is an internship at Philips’ regional office in Orlando, FL. The title of the job is Engineering Technician Intern, where I would be testing products to ensure compliance with designed standards, as well as industry standards. Moreover, I would be analyzing products from the field that had failed, trying to determine mode of failure. This is an area that I have had a lot of experience. At Svare Professional Engineering I worked with several forensic engineers analyzing products that had caused fires and/or explosions trying to determine the cause...
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