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Cameron Melton CM 1209 7 th Hour Uses of Rainwater from Catchment Systems Harnessing rainwater has been used as a source of fresh water since ancient times. As man has seen the amount of available freshwater decline, rainwater as a source has remained a reliable source of fresh water. Water is the most important element necessary for life, so it is not surprising that we use water everyday. We drink water, bath in water, and cook with water. The last hundred years has seen an enormous increase in the amount of concern for the environment and many people are looking for ways to lessen man’s impact on the environment. Water is an abundant resource on earth, comprising 76% of the earth’s surface. However, most of this water is a salty, and the remaining fresh water bodies are in danger from pollution and over-population. To ensure fresh water for our children, we must look for alternative sources of water and ways to use renewable sources of water in our daily lives. Toilets: One easy way that people can reduce their consumption of water is to use rainwater in their toilets. 20-25% of the water people use in their home is used in toilets. In this system, rain water is harvested from the roof using a catchment system, then stored in tanks called cistern. A pump can be used to pressurize the system, and the tank can be connected to regular water connection. If you ensure that your toilet cistern is more than 50cm higher than your toilet, you can eliminate the need for a pump. A filter is needed to prevent any solids from clogging pipes and ruining the pump; however, since
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course RH 330 taught by Professor Livingston during the Spring '08 term at Rose-Hulman.

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LitReview - Cameron Melton CM 1209 7th Hour Uses of...

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