The French Connection

The French Connection - Communications 150 March 2 1999...

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Communications 150 March 2, 1999 Announcements: There will be two review sessions after spring break. The first is Tuesday, March 16 from 7 - 8:30. The second is Friday, March 19 from 1 - 2:30. They are both in 113 Carnegie. The second exam is March 23. Lecture Notes: I. The French Connection During WWII, France was occupied by the Nazis and the exhibition of American films was banned Upon liberation, theaters were flooded by the backlog of American films which were made during the war but not seen in France These were movies of a different style than pre-war films which were upbeat, classical Hollywood cinema Post-war movies were downbeat, pessimistic The French were fascinated by these movies and coined the term "film noir" Many film noir directors were refugees from Nazi Germany - Billy Wilder directed Double Indemnity ; he also directed Some Like it Hot - The movies were completely different styles, which reflects the level of talent these directors have II. Noir as Genre Some critics say film noir is a specific genre that relies upon an identifiable set of characteristics o dark, rainy streets o fixed characters o predictable narrative pattern III. Noir as Series Other critics say film noir is a series of thematic conventions that go
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across genres Can not be characterized as one specific genre There were noir westerns, such as High Noon , noir comedies, etc. Film noir instills an uneasy feeling in the audience IV. Nosferatu and Attack of the 50- Foot Woman Nosferatu gave rise to German Expression In Attack of the 50-foot Woman , a woman was exposed to atomic radiation and thus grows to 50 feet o This was made in the period of time after the war where women were going back to their homes o Shows the fear of the career woman Both movies use similar film noir characteristics: o claustrophobic framing o oblique/diagonal lines o low-key lighting V. Futility of Individual Action Post WWII, Americans were going to work in the cities, which were
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The French Connection - Communications 150 March 2 1999...

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