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Discarnate Survival

Discarnate Survival - H.H Price would agree Furthermore...

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] C.D. Broad’s View on Discarnate Survival H.H. Price and C.D. Broad are two people who researched and wrote on the different types of survival of people. There are to main types of survival being argued: discarnate, being that of a survival of the soul without a body, and embodied survival which is the physical body also surviving with the mind. Both H.H. Price and C.D. Broad have different opinions on discarnate and embodied survival because they both weigh the importance of each survival differently and according to what they think is most relevant. C.D. Broad states that most people who believe in survival only tie it to embodied survival which may not be true. Most of the people who believe in embodied survival believe in discarnate survival as well so C.D. Broad’s previous mentioned statement seems to be false and
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Unformatted text preview: H.H. Price would agree. Furthermore, understanding and identifying embodied survival depends highly on the fact that a person needs to fully understand the idea of discarnate survival. Broad also argues that the idea of disembodied persons may be understood but not the idea of disembodied survival because he explains a fact that this cannot occur since a person who is alive cannot exist in the survival realm. H.H. Price would argue against this because discarnate survival is possible because a person would exist in spirit. H.H. Price and C.D. Broad have some disagreements but they both give well thought out explanations for their arguments. C.D. Broad being a candidate for embodied survival as the most important and H.H. Price arguing for the discarnate side....
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