Piper - Mediumship and Consciousness

Piper - Mediumship and Consciousness - Mediumship and...

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Mediumship and Consciousness Telepathetic communication with the discarnate world has been a controversial topic throughout history. Individuals who claim so possess such abilities were often mistreated in the past but continue to exist and exercise their movement today. A medium is described as person through whom a deceased being communicates. There are two significant forms of this, mental mediumship, which is telepathetic communication, and trance mediumship, which is when a discarnate being takes physical control of a medium. Leonora Piper is a woman who was one of the first to be able to prove her special abilities. Piper’s mediumship is a case that significantly challenges the idea that consciousness is dependent on a functioning brain. Leonora Piper first experienced her ability to communicate with the discarnate world at the age of eight where she had a vision about her aunt’s death. It was later discovered that her aunt had really died around the same time she was having that vision. Although she experienced
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Piper - Mediumship and Consciousness - Mediumship and...

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