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Paper – 30 points You will be required to turn in a paper on a topic of your choosing related to ecology and/ or evolution. The paper should be a minimum of three pages long and no more than five pages long. Text should be 12 point and the entire paper should be double-spaced. Literature must be correctly cited within the paper and listed at the end of the paper under Literature Cited. The Literature Cited section does not count toward the three to five page requirement. The literature should be cited similar to the Literature Cited sections of the papers that we will be discussing in class. Example of citing literature in the paper Egg retrieval, an innate behavioral pattern in which birds roll displaced eggs into their nests by using their bills, was first described in detail in the Greylag Goose ( Anser anser ) (Lorenz and Tinbergen 1939). At the end of the paper
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Unformatted text preview: Literature Cited Lorenz, K., and N. Tinbergen. 1939. Taxis and Instinkthandlung in der Eirollbewegung der Graugans. I. Z. Tierpsychol. 2:1-29. You will be required to use at least five sources from peer-reviewed journals. Examples of peer-reviewed journals include Science, Ecology, Behavioral Ecology, Wilson Bulletin, etc. See me if you are unsure if the source paper counts as a peer-reviewed paper. Significant Dates 2/6 Provide me with the topic that you will be writing about 3/19 Rough draft due 4/9 Paper due Some sample topics The role of sexual selection in the peacock How have organisms evolved to fight HIV infection? The impact of WNV introduction into the US Has global warming influenced the Hadley Cell? Factors influencing population cycles Hypotheses on the extinction of the Dinosaurs Does biodiversity contribute to community stability?...
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