Is Cancer Inherited - BiSci 001 Wednesday, April 28, 1999...

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BiSci 001 Wednesday, April 28, 1999 Announcements: Review in class on Friday. Lecture notes: Is Cancer Inherited Retinoblastoma: rare eye tumor which occurs in children before age 4. It is a dominant inherited trait. A missing "anticancer gene" which, if present, keeps an oncogene turned off, is the cause of retinoblastoma. This is called a tumor supressor gene. Xeroderma pigmentosum: missing enzymes in DNA repair. Autosomal recessive inheritance. These people develop multiple skin cancers as a result of UV light damage to skin cell DNA. Other Cancers that "seem" to run in families Colon Cancer Lung Cancer Breast Cancer Hot of the presses, there is another tumor supressor gene involved here. It is called the p53 gene. When it is missing or mutated there is a chance of getting these 3 cancers. These seem to be "multifactoral," because something else is involved besides the missing p53 gene. New research suggests that an altered p53 gene is involved in 50% of the cancers. Many genes have been found for rare familial diseases that also cause cancers. Interferon and cancer
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1. It decreases the rate at which viruses, normal cells and tumor cells multiply. 2. It alters metabolism of cancer cells. 3. It increases the number of antigens on the cell surface so they can be recognized and destroyed 4. It stimulates natural killer cells into greater activity. Alpha Interferon is used in the treatment of "hairy cell" leukemia.
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Is Cancer Inherited - BiSci 001 Wednesday, April 28, 1999...

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