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351Lab6 - Laboratory 6 VIBRATION MEASUREMENT Time Aigbe...

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Laboratory 6 VIBRATION MEASUREMENT Time Aigbe Partners (Tuesday, Group A): Chris Barrow Mark Bellingham Amandeep Chhabra ENME 351 Section 0102 Date of Experiments: 11/27/07
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Tuesday, Group A ENME 351 – Sec 0102 Lab 7 – Page 2 OBJECTIVES: The objective of this lab was to learn how LabVIEW and optical measurement systems can aid in measuring acoustic signals of many different pure tones. INSTRUMENTS: DELL computer LabVIEW 8.2 software NI SCC-68 connector board Fiber Optical Acoustic Sensor Light Source: Superluminescent diode (SLD) with laser controller Optical Coupler Photodetector DESCRIPTION OF EXPERIMENT AND EXPERIMENTAL SETUP: Exercise 7.1 – Measurement of Sounds with Single Frequencies First we turned on the SLD light source and set the thermistor resistance to 10kΩ, confirmed that the current thermistor resistance had reached this set value, and then made sure that the Ioperation Real screen read 000mA. Soon after, we pressed the Pumping Button to make sure the laser diode was at its set point of 0mA, and then set the Control Knob to 175mA.
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