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ENME 232 / Quiz # 1 Name:_____________________ (Duration: 20 mins, Total Points: 12) 1. What is an intensive property? Categorize the following into intensive and extensive properties – mass, pressure, volume, specific volume, total energy, density. (2 points) Ans: An intensive property is one the measure of which is independent of the size of a system. Intensive Property – pressure, specific volume, density. Extensive Property – mass, volume, total energy. 2. The hydraulic lift in a car repair shop has an output diameter of 50 cm, and is to lift cars upto 5000 kg. Determine the fluid gage pressure that must be maintained in the reservoir. (2 pts) Ans: Pressure = Force/Area = 5000 x 9.81 / ( π x 0.25 2 )+P atm = 2.499 MPa+P atm . P gage = P abs – P atm = 0.2499 MPa. 3. Determine the state of water for the following conditions. Also find value of vapor quality if the state is a saturated mixture. (a) 100 kPa, v = 1.3 m
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