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University of Memphis Security Agency 201 Poplar Ave, Suite 900 Memphis, Tennessee 38123 Telephone: (901) 734-6570 Fax: (866) 574-6279 [email protected] February 20, 2007 Mrs . Frances W. Wiggins 459 East Tenth Street Harcourt, Virginia 25223 Dear Mrs. Wiggins: This is to I am writing to inform you that Thank you for inviting me to join your cause. It would be my honor happy to volunteer my time to your worthy cause. The “Day of Sharing” should do wonders to improve our community. It will help with public image as well as community interaction. I applaud your efforts in organizing this event, and am willing to lend my time and
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Unformatted text preview: services to you. On Saturday, October 16, I am available at any time of the day you require my expertise. I am well My expertise falls well within versed in all the areas queried, but my assisstance would be most useful in the yard work category. I take great pride in my lawn, and would like to have the same pride in completing this project. Also, grounds work comes naturally to me. I would be able to give more than an average performance in this area. I think I i f we all give this little amount of time to the community, our lives will be a little brighter. Sincerely yours Inmate Coordinator...
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