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OBnotes4 - Wide involvement Pay for Perform Individual...

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Corporate Strategy : How firm will use its resources to gain competitive advantage Human Resource Strategy : How firm will use human resources to implement corporate strategy Human Resource Management : Policies and practices used to implement human resource strategy Selection : From To Key Decision Makers: Basis of: Selection for: Features selected for: Training & Development : From To Why? Who? What? When? How? Performance Appraisal : From To Appraiser- Role of Appriasee- Content- Process- Timing- Rewards : From To Communications- Secret Open Decision making-
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Unformatted text preview: Wide involvement Pay for Perform- Individual merit business success Reward mix-standardized individual choice or Base pay-job based skill based Union-Management Relations: From To Motivation to join-job security & wages Job security, wages, & Nature of relationship-adversarial collaborative Nature of agreement-collective bargaining collective bargaining & Balance of power-asymmetric symmetric Dispute settlement-strikes, slowdowns & Mediation, arbitration Grievances & compromise...
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