Cultural Significance of the Movies - Communications...

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Communications 150-The Art of Cinema January 12 1999 Announcements: There is a TA for this class which is not noted on the syllabus. His office hours are Monday 2-4 Wednesday 2-4 in 308 James. His e-mail is Lecture Notes: I. Cultural Significance of the Movies Movies started out in the form of nickelodeons which were silent pictures They usually were of sensationalistic sights such as the execution of an elephant Immigrants would go watch them to see how Americans dressed acted etc. They offered an immediate sense of fulfillment and distraction from everyday life However a newer audience the American middle class demanded more sophistication from movies II. Classical Hollywood Cinema: Narration This style arose from the discovery of movies by the middle class It represents individual characters trying to achieve goals Movie begins in state of equilibrium Disrupted by characters in conflict There is a resolution of conflict at the end III. It Happened One Night : Class Difference Movie set in the depression era A reporter needs a good story to salvage his career He meets a debutante who is running away from her father He teaches her that working class people are respectable She teaches him that upper class people are okay They see each other as human beings fall in love and get married at the end
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People who saw the movie were reassured in their belief that America was a classless society MOVIE: SOME LIKE IT HOT Starring: Marilyn Monroe. ................................. Sugar Cane Tony Curtis. ......................................... Joe/Josephine Jack Lemmon. ..................................... Jerry/Daphne Chicago 1929
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Cultural Significance of the Movies - Communications...

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