Russia - In the Southern Ukraine becomes the focus of...

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Size Population Ethics USSR 8,500,000 sq. miles 290,000,000 150,000,000 Russians Russia 6,500,000 sq. miles 145,000,000 120,000,000 Russians In the late 1900’s Russia became a Christian nation The original capital of Russia was Kiev Mongols – supreme military power in early Russia Ivan – late 1400’s, adopted the name Czar. Was the first leader of Russia. He was able to beat the Mongols militarily. Peter the great came to power in 1700 he shared power with his brother Peter killed his brother so that he didn’t have to share power He decides to change the capital to St. Petersburg Teresa tried to marry off her son with a smart girl in hopes that she would help make him a better czar. Her name was Katherine Upon her husband’s death she becomes the new leader of Russia. Katherine the Great By the time Katherine dies, Russia is a great world power Russia begins to industrialize and modernize in the early 1800’s
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Unformatted text preview: In the Southern Ukraine becomes the focus of Russian industry (coal mines) Terrorist groups form during the industrialization phase in Russia. Alexander III becomes Czar after the death of his father Alexander makes his son Nicholas the leader of the Trans-Siberian Railroad project to gain leadership experience Nicholas marries the German princess Alexandria He then becomes the last Czar of Russia against his will 1904 – 1905 “Bloody Nicholas” – Has a son Alexei, problem is that he is a hemophiliac Russio – Japanese War ----The Japanese won the war Upon defeat in WWI , Nicholas appoints himself leader of the Russian army 1917 – A democratic government takes over after that fails, in the spring they adopt a communist government. The communist government names Russia USSR. They divided the country into states...
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Russia - In the Southern Ukraine becomes the focus of...

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