Russia 2 - being either too cold or too dry-Fertile...

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Communist Planning - 5-7 Year plans - Priorities Russian Industry - Ukraine – there is a large coal reserve as well as a large iron-ore reserve. It was originally financed by the British. They decided that this was a bad location for their major steel production. - Urals – Located on the edge of Siberia, became the second location for Russia’s major defense industry o Magnitogorsk – located in the southern part of the Urals b/c it is a huge iron deposit - West Siberia – - Kazakhstan has a huge Russian population Russian Agriculture - Russia’s goal was to feed the citizens on the “cheap”. - Environment – b/c Russia is located in the north in the westerly’s so it is characterized as
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Unformatted text preview: being either too cold or too dry.-Fertile triangle – Leningrad/St. Petersburg, Odessa, Novosibirsk-Collectivization – The forced farmers to live on thousand plus acres of farmland in order to cheaply feed the population.-Private Plots – One acre allotted by the government for the farmers working on the collective farms for them to grow their own food. Ethnicity Economic Planning – They tried to force homogenization on the entire country and force trade to all of the republics; They were trying to bring unity to the country. Exam!!-Multiple Choice-Fill in the blank-Mapwork-Short Answer-Essay-Bonus Study the industrial revolution, Russian ethnic problems...
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Russia 2 - being either too cold or too dry-Fertile...

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