Cross Gender Sensitization

Cross Gender Sensitization - Communications 150 January 19,...

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Communications 150 January 19, 1999 Announcements: None. Lecture Notes: I. Cross Gender Sensitization A. Some Like it Hot In Chicago, Joe and Jerry are masculine gangsters in a violent world On the way to Florida, they are sensitized to the plights of women Emphasis on physicality; signal of biological difference o Example: bathroom scenes Men discovered that in order to pursue women, they must give up their disguise B. Tootsie Dustin Hoffman plays a struggling actor The only way he can get a job is to become a woman for a part on a soap opera He is also sensitized to women issues To successfully pursue a woman, played by Jessica Lang, he must reveal his true self C. Two sets of pleasure for audience: Restoration of gender difference at the end; heterosexuality is confirmed Offers audience vicarious trespass into taboo ways of thinking - cross dressing, gender ambivalence II. Goodfellas : Modernist Narration A. Violates Hollywood narrative style The movie does not begin in a state of equilibrium
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B. Violates Hollywood visual style Classic style demands invisibility to draw audience into the movie In Goodfellas, Henry Hill directly addresses the camera, which is not usually done o The purpose is to question the mythology of the gangster film Usually gangster rises up to point of power, wealth However, Hill ends up living in suburban anonymity o It also shows how voice-over narration is an artificial construct III. Citizen Kane Violates typical convention of narrative, visibility A. Mise-En-Scene Style adopted in Citizen Kane
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Cross Gender Sensitization - Communications 150 January 19,...

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