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speaking request - has a unique perspective on the life...

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Walton State College P.O. box 761 Winona, OK 73111 William Bodily 4391 Fizer Cove Memphis, Tn 38117 March 13, 2007 Dear William Walton State is graduating 75 seniors in business administration. We request that you honor us by speaking to them about the outside business environment, and give them any tips you feel are important to a graduating senior. You will be one of six speakers at our 3 hour program. In addition, we ask that you bring a recently graduated employee with you to speak. He
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Unformatted text preview: has a unique perspective on the life change these young men and women are about to experience. With your permission there will also be a short question and answer segment. All travel and lodging accommodations will be provided for you and your employee. The expected date for this is April 12, and we hope to see you there. Sincerely...
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