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Cover Letter

Cover Letter - These skills have served me well in my job...

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January 17, 2008 Dear Jennifer Outlaw: You have posted an add looking for people with “excellent communications skills.” I am positive I have what you are searching for in effective communication. In addition to communication I have an excellent work ethic, and work very well with others. I am currently enrolled at The University of Memphis in the Fogelman business program. My major is marketing and I will be graduating very soon. In the past I have won several communications and GPA based awards. I enjoy working, and would like to do it for you.
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Unformatted text preview: These skills have served me well in my job at Better Lifestyles Realty. I’m extremely proud of my achievements in debate (see resume), as well as in my current job. I take great pleasure in using my skills to work in teams and with customers. Since communication skills can’t be properly represented in a written submission, I would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate them in an interview. I am available at my cell phone (901) 555-6570 during all hours Sincerely;...
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