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Steve Golf Sociology 100 Page 170 Professor Tang When it comes to explaining deviance in Sociology, there are four main sociological theories: anomie theory, conflict theory, differential association theory, and labeling. These theories “explain deviance by looking at sociocultural processes and organizational structures.” All are unique, however each theory gives a different perspective in explaining deviance, which allows for discussion and learning. The first of the sociological theories is the anomie theory, also known as strain theory, which was developed in 1957 by a sociologist named Robert Merton. His theory “focuses on value conflicts among culturally prescribed goals and socially approved ways of achieving them.” Merton concluded that the strain that is felt between goals and the means that people will to achieve those goals is what causes deviance. Anomie theory deals greatly with those people who are trying to get rich because Merton believed people will use any means necessary, legal or illegal, to achieve their goals of monetary wealth. Lastly, Merton came up with a list of five “adaptations” which people use to achieve their
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Sociology Paper Page 170 - Steve Golf Sociology 100 Page...

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