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NATURAL VARIABILITY - • This"wave" structure...

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Earth 2 Thursday, March 18th, 1999 Announcements: Test has been postponed until next Tuesday. Lecture notes: NATURAL VARIABILITY Forced Climate Variations --> Volcanoes Unforced Changes Odd behavior depends on how changes in the ocean and the atmosphere interact Easterlies and Westerlies create upwelling-->very high productivity EAST PACIFIC Hi Pressure Low Rainfall (13mm) Strong Trade Winds Promoting Upwelling
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Nutrients-->Fish, Seals Low Pressure High Rainfall Weak Winds No Upwelled Nutrients No Fish This is what occurs during EL NINO!!! Southern Oscillation Defined by Sir Gilbert Walker Occurs when there is high pressure in one spot and low pressure in another--looks somewhat like a wave structure
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Unformatted text preview: • This "wave" structure sometimes reverses--it's time scale is effected by warm pool, which occurs when the atmosphere and ocean react causing El Nino This is known as E l N ino S outhern O scillation Teleconnection Teleconnection--when something happening in one part of the system is transferred to another part of the system NAO N orth A tlantic O scillation Every once in a while. .. Lessons 1) Climate System--extremely variable. Can be attributed to some change. Systems operate on different time scales. 2) Coupling Idea Produces Change • El Nino (occurs every 5 years) • NAO (occurs every 20, 30, and 50 years) • Ice Cores (unsure of how often they occur)...
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