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THE FUTURE: GLOBAL WARMING - Earth 002 Thursday March 25th...

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Earth 002 Thursday, March 25th, 1999 Announcements: If you missed the 2nd exam, you must contact Jen at [email protected] in order to schedule a time to take the make-up. Lecture notes: THE FUTURE: GLOBAL WARMING CO2 Levels Since 1958, there has been a steady increase in the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere There is no doubt that these increases have been brought about by human activity 80% of the increased CO2 is the result of burning fossil fuels 20% of it comes from deforestation The change in CO2 levels is so potent that humans can change the composition of the atmosphere The last ice age showed 180ppm CO2 in the atmosphere...this is expected to increase quickly in the future Expectations If we keep putting more CO2 into the atmosphere, we expect the earth to be
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getting warmer and warmer A big global warming pattern was seen in the temperature history of the last century The temperature change over the last century is only 8/10 of a degree This temperature change predicts alot of natural variability... CO2
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