OBnotes5 - -improve organization’s capacity to solve own...

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Forces of change: •Workforce •Technology •Competition •Social Trends •Political trends Types of Organization Change : Incremental Revolutionary Reactive : Adaptation Re-creation Anticipatory : Fine tuning Transformation Sources of individual resistance to change : •Habit •Security •Economic Factors •Fear of unknown •Selective information processing Sources of Organizational resistance to change: •Structural inertia •Limited focus of change •Group inertia Overcoming resistance to change : •Participation •Negotiation •Coercion Organization Development: •Goals: -improve organization effectiveness
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Unformatted text preview: -improve organization’s capacity to solve own problems & change itself •Values:-respect for people-trust & support-power sharing & participation-openness to information OD Interventions: •Human Process Interventions-team building-conflict resolution •Techno-structural interventions-job enrichment & self-managing teams-employee empowerment-organization design • Human resource management:-gainsharing & skill-based pay-career development •Strategic Interventions-organization transformation-strategic alliances OD Application Issues: •Differences in organization culture •Differences in national cultures •Politics of change •Ethics of control...
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OBnotes5 - -improve organization’s capacity to solve own...

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