History 152G notes[1]

History 152G notes[1] - classical or inherited authorities...

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History 152G Notes from 2-10-06 Scientific Revolution, con’t of the movie Movie: New instruments Logarithms Algebra GRAVITY Newton Distance and force of a cannon Comets orbit predictable Boschovitch predicted the comet B. advisor to the pope, got Capernicus’ death sentence lifted Scientific Revolution Definition: The beginning of exploratory science, where new information, contrary to Aristotle’s, was being expressed/proved. Mathematical formulas were found to explain gravity. - Movement away from wonder, just facts - Transition from Aristotle to rational mathematical reasoning - Examines things mathematically - Challenged church and Bible - Tension b/w science and religion Textbook: p. 656-657 Definition by Prof: A large multifaceted intellectual movement in which scholars and scientists rejected
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Unformatted text preview: classical or inherited authorities and based their understandings of the natural world on direct observation and mathematical reasoning. Paradigm change Enlightenment: 1. Where? Europe and its colonies 2. What? a. Religion b. Humans- gender, politics, war, etc. c. Intellectual and cultural movement to subject human world to purely rational analysis d. Sought to discover the natural laws that governed society e. “Age of reason” –optimism and faith in human progress 3. Religion and Science a. Religious tolerance i. Reformation ii. Religion in politics iii. Tolerance Act of 1689 b. Beliefs-deism-rational Christianity...
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History 152G notes[1] - classical or inherited authorities...

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