The French New Wave

The French New Wave - Communications 150 April 20, 1999...

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Communications 150 April 20, 1999 Announcements: There will be two review sessions: Thursday, April 29 from 7 - 8:30 and Friday, april 30 from 1- 2:30. They are both held in 113 Carnegie. The final is Friday, May 7 from 4:40 - 6:30. Lecture Notes: I. The French New Wave Arose in direct opposition to a preceding movement Prior to this, films were tradition bound: o through the idea of "cinema of quality," director's role as interpreter of the movie was minimized o influenced by Hollywood studio system - assembly line style of film making With the French New Wave, the director was considered the author of the film French elevated movies to fine art II. The Auteur Theory The director was the "author" of the film Each director put a certain stamp on their films Raised studio system films to level of high art III. The Redefinition of the Traditional Film Canon American films could constitute their own canon as works of high art Redefined acceptable characteristics of film making IV. America Discovers its Cinematic Past A. The Rise of Film Schools o Grew out of English departments o Film could be studied the same way as literary text
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o American films were worthy of artistic appreciation B. The New Hollywood o New pool of talent came out of the film schools with education on the tradition of films o Older directors were retiring o Younger directors stepped in and made films about their own generation (baby-boomers) o They were known as the film school generation o Most of their films paid homage to older generation directors and New Wave directors
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The French New Wave - Communications 150 April 20, 1999...

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