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IDs ordered - IDs Porfirio Diaz Ruled 1876-1911 Support of...

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IDs Porfirio Diaz Ruled 1876-1911 Support of disgruntled regional caudillos and military personnel Open support of American capitalists Policies benefited landowners, moneylenders and foreign capitalists Concentration of land in the hands of his political allies Military suppression of peasants Granted huge subsidies to Ameriacn coporations for railway construction Pan o Palo: payoffs and benefits to bribe his massive bureaucracy, military repression for dissidents War of the Reform hero: beat the French in ‘Cinco de Mayo’ 1862 Legacy: Strong executive, ineffective popular participation, patronage politics Caudillos Module for political leadership emerging from independence wars in a liberal- conservative politically dynamic split Industries shattered from wars; nations bankrupt Caudillo at the center of network of patronage politics in which resources were redistributed Charismatic, military experience, personal politics, promised benefits in return for loyalty, economic means to finance a personal army Juan Manuel de Rosas of Argentina 1829-1852 o Cattle rancher who glorified the gaucho lifestyle o Federalist o Brutal to his political opponents; portrayed them as effeminate Europhiles o Portrayed himself as a man of the people o Wars against indigenous people o Defeated British and French invaders Good Neighbor Policy 1933-1945 By 1929 US investment in LA was $5.4 billion 1920’s/30’s; withdrawal of troops from south American countries Proclaimation by FDR in 1933 of a less aggressive US foreign policy, rejecting interference in the internal affairs of other nations Abrogation of Platt amendment 1933 Focus on achieving reciprocal trade agreements as a means of increasing US trade and influence; thus was in conflict with SA economic development Reality: US intervention in o Cuba- support of Batista 1933 o Panama Quieter form of imperialism
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Platt Amendment Amendment to the 1901 Cuban Constitution-US should keep power to intervene in Cuban affairs at any time Keep a military base- Guantanamo Ensured the protection and a favorable investment climate for US businessmen looking to buy sugar and railway industries Foreign capital poured into Cuba Rockefeller foundation: founded in 1913 Pioneers in international health: aimed to control epidemic diseases or to promote a specific agricultural technique Aimed to: advance developing economies, improve goodwill towards the US, improve industrial productivity Recipients aimed to improve relations with the US, and benefited from the concrete improvements made in the public and medical sphere Aggravated some indigenous sectors by presuming superiority of Western science and medicine- conflict of cultures: development vs tradition and culture Estado Novo 1937-1945 Authoritarian government installed in Brazil by President Getulio Vargas Used fears about communism to justify a personal dictatorship
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IDs ordered - IDs Porfirio Diaz Ruled 1876-1911 Support of...

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